Road closures

The project has begun to gain momentum after a very successful meeting on the 29th May.  The discussions were interesting and wide-ranging.

One topic that came up again and again are the impact of road closures.  To start us off, here is a diary entry from Horace, to lives in Bridgeton, that captures the frustration that ongoing closures are having on residents:


Just spent 17 minutes trying to find a way in to Dalmarnock. After following diversion signs twice because I thought I was stupid, I asked police who were in surveillance van, to be told ” I haven’t a clue ” but there’s cars in there so there must be a way.


Asked guy with high visibility jacket and safety helmet ( no ID badge by the way) he directed me to a new slip road they have made for entry. I said to him but there’s no right turn signs there, he said ” don’t worry about that”

Unbelievably frustrating.

Horace*, from Bridgeton

*All names are pseudonyms to protect participants



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