“It’s all become a bit of a farce” – Beyond Stigma participant blog

It’s all become a bit of a farce – you couldn’t have sold a book about the way the storyline has panned out. The No side, clearly believing that Scots would reject outright the possibility of Independence, disabled the issue of a referendum on Devo-max as it came to be known, which in all likelihood is what the SNP were probably after too, on the basis of small steps would eventually get there to full Independence over a longer term, now the No side are now falling over themselves to offer various forms of it, that they wouldn’t let us vote for (which most would have gone for anyway).

Scotlands future image

Image from Scottish Government’s (2013) guide to an Independent Scotland

However, many have started to consider / realised that the Westminister model is remote, self-serving and most definitely out of touch – expenses scandals, inappropriate conduct swept under the carpet etc., etc, and so far, Government from Edinburgh has been mostly successful and not just a big County Council as many detractors thought/ hoped for?

It’s also becoming more clear to folk that the people from Westminster who are telling us how bad it will be come independence are not being entirely accurate about things – for example, we in all probability won’t be part of the EU by 2020 if UKIP continues to drive Tory & Labour policy, The oil to run an independent Scotland will run out anytime next week or in 50yrs depending on which paper you read, but then it’ll run out for the UK too, so what are the alternatives then – oil revenue to the Treasury has pretty much funded the UK since the 70’s, and is probably the only thing allowing us to afford keep nuclear weapons – in my opinion spending money on these things where Official numbers say 1 in 5 kids live in poverty and a considerable number of people need to access ‘food banks’ is quite obscene, irrespective of my political viewpoint.

20140528_140242Image sent in by Horace, a project participant living in Bridgeton

In many respects the debate being had is a good thing – for many people it’s the first engagement in political thinking for generations – particularly in the West of Scotland where the tradition of voting for a particular party irrespective of policies or quality of the individual candidate is ‘the norm’.

David, project participant living in Baillieston

  1. #1 by Rosy on September 11, 2014 - 9:48 am

    I think the referendum campaign is really exciting and inspiring. In the last decade I have voted with apathy. My head was down regarding politics as i thought it was such a closed shop of similar parties who were just protecting their own jobs. I could see no way out. Now I feel the whole system can be washed and refreshed. People say we live in a capitalist world and that we must stick to the rules to function. I know that it is true, that i may enjoy a lot what the consumer madness has offered, but surely it is unhealthy and dangerous to have no real opposition. I will be voting yes. It can be frightening when you hear all the threats the big boys make, but I choose faith over fear. i have good , intelligent, talented ambitious, country men and they will triumph in the end.

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